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If you are an organization, with two or more employees that needs American Accent training, please provide us with a few details. Have questions? Full refund provided if not satisfied.

INGLÉS ¡QUÉ BUEN ACENTO!: An Accent Reduction Guide for Spanish Speakers

In almost every country, better education and employment opportunities depend more and more on a person's ability to speak English clearly and be understood. Internationally, the American accent is best understood among other English speakers.

We offer one-on-one Skype Sessions! Additional areas might include linking, rate, or voice projection. Instructor-led accent training will also frequently include conversational practice to help the student transfer these newly learned skills into everyday conversations.

Training timelines can vary from a few days to several months depending upon the chosen model of instruction.

The Ultimate Guide to Get the Perfect Accent

Outside practice time is essential for the participant to see significant changes in their speech. Although accents can be minimized through training, actually eliminating an accent is extremely difficult to master and could take years to accomplish. It is unrealistic to expect total accent elimination in a short period of time.

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Therefore, vowel sounds are also covered in accent reduction training. By not letting the back of their tongue touch the palate, native speakers of Asian languages Chinese, etc.

Adios Accent

Although the accents can be reduced through training, some linguists warn against giving students a false hope that they will lose their accents. According to Dennis Baron , a linguistics professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, eliminating an accent is difficult. Calming an accent, he said, takes years of interaction with native English speakers.

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Even so, under U. The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission does receive a small number of complaints every year from individuals who believe they are victims of accent-related job discrimination.

ESL Accent Reduction Tips for Spanish Speakers

The actors Portia de Rossi , Tom Holland , Anthony La Paglia , Katherine Langford , and Charlize Theron are examples of notable people who received such training to lose their native accents and develop American accents, even in everyday speech. With regard to English accent training, the two most distinct choices of accent reduction are the British or American pathways. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

5 English pronunciation tips for Spanish speakers who want to improve their English accent:

Within 48 hours you will receive results regarding your accent on a severity scale of 1 very heavy to 7 very mild accent. English Accent Training: Words for Spanish Speakers English accent training can be used by native Spanish to refine their pronunciation skills, but they will quickly realize that English has a rhythm of its own.

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