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Forever Unique is a luxury fashion brand specialising in ladies occasion wear. Established by Seema Malhotra and her husband Sandeep in , Forever Unique has paved the way for accessible and affordable designer fashion, being a go-to brand for celebrities on the red carpet. Seema Malhotra lives in Cheshire with Sandeep and their youngest son, Aaron, 17, who is embarking on his A-level studies. Since she was a child, Seema was surrounded by clothes because her older cousin studied Fashion Design. Seema would watch in awe as her cousin sketched and transformed pieces of fabric into ready-to-wear dresses.

Excelling in every aspect of her degree, she was invited for an interview at Central Saint Martins in London to undertake an Art foundation course, but her parents discouraged her from making the move to the capital. Seema supported Sandeep through his career, living as a housewife in their Cheshire home. Through his journey, Seema realised that she could start her own fashion business. After working with Sandeep as an agent for French and Italian fashion brands, she began to open doors to a number of niche boutiques.

I have a facebook page and I want to create a website as well, but don't know which domain is best.

How The Year-Old Founder Of Pink Peonies Turned Her Blog Into A Million-Dollar Business

Thank you Reply. Misty on 22 Jan Awesome article! I found it super informative and I was able to take your advice and answer each question. I am setting up to sell gold jewelry. I am designing it and it will be solid gold pieces. How do I give documents stating its real gold? Richelle Monfort on 23 Jan Hi Misty, Unfortunately, I was not able to find nay resources that specifically helps you with gold certification.

Gabriel on 30 Jan This was a very informative article. Thanks for sharing. Henrik Michel on 1 Jun Hi Alice, Thanks for these great information you put together in this piece! To my opinion online presence and sales plays a crucial rule for the development of small companies and start-ups in our industry to compete with the big players. However, some jewelry businesses still refrain from getting on social media, especially smaller businesses, because for them it can seem very time consuming. After all, with so many businesses existing on social media, how can your jewelry business stand out?

I agree that you need to put in some efforts to get results but in the long run it is the only way forward! As a jewelry company, you already have your eye on trends. Its a great way to encourage customers to engage with your brand by posting photos of themselves wearing your pieces or highlight your most loyal customers. Social media is one of the best ways to have a digital presence and to drive traffic to your website.

You are most likely losing sales and audience share. After we implemented our online strategy we have been able to increase significantly our online referrals and got valuable market research since we were able to analyze search pattern on our website. Social media is about creating conversation and community; having a brand that people want to be involved with and that is inspirational. When you engage with your customers, your brand will seem friendly and approachable and people will begin to know, like, and trust your brand.

Brands that people know, like, and trust are the brands that succeed and that people like to engage with, which will turn into revenues! Good Luck!

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Henrik Michel Aline Bassani Reply. Richelle Monfort on 5 Jun Hello Ruth, Yes we do have wholesalers who also dropship their products. Ronii on 1 Aug How do I get more customers to buy from my site Reply. Caitriona Lui on 13 Aug In more than 29 million people purchase jewellery online daily. So buying and selling of jewellery online are increasing its profit and popularity which has no end.

Purchasing of jewellery is very inconvenient for people because there is a no edge of jewellery. People also must have the knowledge about jewellery. Day by day there is a high craze of jewellery in modern life. People wear jewellery like silver, gold, platinum, sapphire, diamond and many more attractive designs are there.

One of my sisters purchased jewellery from Jewelry, which is one of a kind of very precious for everybody. Thyler on 13 Aug Cheers guys!! Massive thanks for tippin- straight from newborn baby, fairtrade natural only jewelry makers right at the edge of the world where materials are plentifull! We'll surely share the article around- a perfect almanac.

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You guys rock! Profits are very thin. Rhea Bontol on 16 Oct You can try selling at your own web store to avoid competition, while promoting your site online and offline to generate traffic. That way, you'll have more control over your profits as you avoid price war at the same time. Growith-VA on 3 Oct Business in online require much skill and research and we always look for new Ideas and tips for doing that Efficiently.

How To Start An Online Fashion Business - 6 Steps To Starting An Online Retail Website

Very useful guide and tips. Thank for share! Rhea Bontol on 16 Oct I'm glad you found this article useful. Parul Dave on 13 Nov I have created my e-commerce website in the Buildabazaar e-commerce platform. Can I sell other websites products online through the website in which I sell my products? Rhea Bontol on 16 Nov You can definitely do that. Helps increase your chances of making a sale. Just make sure you agree upon with your suppliers' terms and conditions on where you sell their products.

Woodlyne on 29 Jan Hi everyone, I just started a business selling jewelry, I need to know the fastest way online to sell them. I want to spend more time with my kids, cut down my hours at work! I just want to add google campaign for marketing your business online. Rhea Bontol on 23 Nov Agree! Helps increase your traffic and conversions.

Dave on 7 Dec I have a large collection of new fine jewelry set with diamonds, and gemstones from our family retail jewelry store we closed in This inventory has been in a bank vault since that time where would you recommend to sell it online. Rhea Bontol on 10 Dec You can try selling at your own online store. I'll be helpful by this surely. I think it's perfect.

Summarizes field well Reply. Bria Scott-Fleming on 19 Dec Thanks for the info! Rhea Bontol on 20 Dec Hi Bria! Good luck with your business. If you are interested in adding jewelries to your line, you can use the Directory to find additional suppliers.


How to Start a Jewellery Making Business: The Ultimate Guide

It's helpful when we are stating a business online. Keep Sharing How can you help me? Rhea Bontol on 1 Feb Hi there! You can definitely start your own store, or otherwise at a platform where the market is already available. You can checkout some suggestions here on where to sell your jewelries. Emmasgrammy on 12 Feb I love the graphic here of different clasps. Could we see one of different chain styles? I cannot identify one I have. It's very pretty and I'd like to better describe it.

Rhea Bontol on 15 Feb We have lots of verified jewelry suppliers found in our Directory. You can join the full membership to check them out! Thanks for posting. Just we need a very good resposive webiste with secure payment option. Rhea Bontol on 17 Jun A good site also needs to have a lot of traffic to make constant stales.

This article is very helpful for me thanks for sharing. Rhea Bontol on 17 Jun Glad you found this site helpful. Wholesale Jewelry on 14 Jun Your Blog information is very useful for me! Kelsey Sears on 14 Jun Whoo Thanks for giving full information about Reply. Elora leona on 28 Jun I search online to know about buying jewelry and this article is full of important points which is very required to know about method of purchase jewelry online. It will also give me a lot of hints about artificial jewelry wholesale market Reply.

I mean WOW what more could a person want.

I just want to thank you for getting me started and motivated to getting my jewelry together. I now have a direction to go in.