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This is an ancient symbol. This was when the whole thing started to get interesting.

When you start to layer on the different meanings of the Nockwood Archetypes, in this new order, three new dimensions emerge. The balance of the three 'divine' suits and the three 'earthly' suits is also maintained. So beautifully balanced.

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The Nockwood suits were born of an analysis of human behavior, but it's not surprising that each suit also represents a core human capability - the things that make us uniquely human and the things that make our lives rich and meaningful. These are shown on the above diagram.

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The capacity to love, the capacity for authority, the capacity for curiosity, the capacity for wisdom and knowledge, the capacity for courage and the capacity for empathy. Three you express outwardly - wisdom, courage and empathy. What I'm learning though is that it's not just about opposing forces.

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This is 'natures cycle' that we see in everything in the natural world. This sequence has it's origins in evolutionary economics and evolutionary psychology and is the fundamental reason why we have different generations i. After periods of social retrenchment, we are hungry for new ideas. Seeds of new ideas are born of inner creativity and this feeds our desire for fresh new ideas.

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  • The originators are not necessarily the people who recognize the potential of their creations or see the opportunity. These prophets not only see the potential, they persuade others of the potential of these new idea. After periods of such revelation, we enter an optimistic and forward looking phase. Everyone is high on the opportunity and filled with the desire to do everything in new and different ways.

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    Remember the race to the stars, the boom of the internet, the promise of crypto-currencies. But that's when it hits us. We realize we've made mistakes. We are angry at the 'haves' if we are the 'have-nots'. We find ourselves in difficult or uncomfortable positions.

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    We begin to see value in people's tangible knowledge and wisdom rather than their vision and optimism This is when the cycle shifts from expansion to contraction. After a focus on knowledge and expertise we start to make rules. We seek self-control.

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    • I feel so enlivened. October 1, by kybro 0 comments. June 30, by kybro 0 comments.

      Musings of an Earth Angel

      Do you have the patience to watch and observe a periwinkle leave its trail in the sand? They move in-between tides, cluster together in communities and create abstract designs that are walked on and washed away. March 16, by kybro 0 comments. September 12, by kybro 0 comments.

      Helium Vola - The Unquiet Grave

      Listen, listen. My last week in the woods I spent listening. Listening with my heart, listening with my eyes and finally with my ears.