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Marsh weaves an almost surrealist tale of a simple country boy thrust into an initially magical world of women and riches far beyond his wildest dreams. He was a star of stage, screen, radio, television and recordings, easily the biggest name in American entertainment, an international figure so persuasively attractive that in other lands, young people had begun to dream of the U.

The author is both critic and sympathizer about the King of Rock and Roll and one suspects stands as most of us do, in awe of the incredible primal talent and impact that one man possessed and unleashed upon the world. Includes a solid bibliography. Book Review - The Man Who Made Elvis Laugh: Sammy Shore's second memoir is filled with wonderful stories about his time with Elvis and the countless other celebrities who he either opened for, or were his good friends. There are many delicious one liners and more involved jokes to keep the reader smiling as you engage in Sammy's trip down memory lane to a sadly by-gone era - the Golden Era of Comedy.

Source: EIN, Sep Other authors write about how Elvis affected their own lives. Yet other books are deliberate frauds, the authors claiming to have known Elvis in order to gain fame by association and to sell books. Ms Richards falls into the third category mentioned above Read Susan's review to find out. These would be Elvis' last live appearances before he left for his army stint and would help cement his place in Pop culture forever. This book is a sensational investigation into the phenomenon of Elvis in the fifties presented from a brand new perspective.

The reviews from the time are exhilarating. Up and down the stage he goes, dragging the mike like a captive, undulating, shouting feverishly Then his face sets, his lips curl back and seizing the mike by the scruff of the neck he prowls like a panther up and down the platform, snarling and driving his worshippers crazy. Go here for full review and photos.

Book Review : Lasting fame and greatness depend on the test of time. In this context, Susan MacDougall examines the latest university student text which seeks to answer the question of who is the greatest, Elvis or The Beatles. Is there a definitive answer?

Read Susan's detailed review to find out. Although the social and cultural unrest of youth in the s and s was a worldwide phenomenon, scholars have written little about the interrelationship between youth movements in different countries or movements in developing nations. He shows how Rock music stood at the confluence of several potent forces: modernization, trans-national business, imperialism, and nationalism.

He then elaborates on the effects of these forces in America's neighbor to the south. Rock music first hit Mexico in the s and grew popular among middle class youth, for whom it represented modernity and participation in an international culture. However, Rock music also had its critics; some complained that it represented a threat to traditional Mexican social and cultural values, while others saw it as an instrument of American cultural imperialism.

By the s, Rock music had become a "vehicle for free expression" , and asserted the concerns of young Mexicans from all classes: the desire to interpret for themselves the meaning of Mexico's revolutionary history, the balance between nationalism and internationalism, and the meaning of democracy. A Mexican counterculture known as La Onda "the Wave" emerged by the mids, which challenged traditional values and the ossified official memory of Mexico's revolutionary past.

Fearing that La Onda posed a threat to its power, the authoritarian Mexican government suppressed the counterculture movement, including the infamous Tlatelolco Massacre of By , Zolov contends, the Mexican counterculture had been effectively crushed and nearly forgotten. Zolov describes the political and cultural milieu against which Mexican youth rebelled in exacting and convincing detail, but some phenomena usually associated with the counterculture in developed nations are discussed only briefly, such as drug use among young Mexicans.

In fact, one wonders how accurate a portrait of the Mexican counterculture the Rock music genre can provide. Would a history of Rock in the United States tell the whole story of the American counterculture and political protest movements? Zolov describes Rock as a "mirror" 10 that reflected the concerns of Mexican youth in a rapidly modernization nation. Whether that mirror reflected issues accurately or in a distorted fashion is unclear. Nevertheless, Refried Elvis is an important work.

It provides a wealth of detail on the youth movement in Mexico and highlights the myriad ways in which the world's peoples have been growing closer together, how a global popular culture has been emerging, and yet how domestic issues can still shape the nature of social and cultural protest movements. The book is an important step in the creation of an international history of "the Sixties" and the worldwide youth rebellion of the Cold War Era.

Elvis Presley Biography | A Comprehensive history of Elvis Presley's dynamic life

EIN note: Refried Elvis is an excellent examination of socio-cultural movement in Mexico in the context of rock music See "Why Mexico Hated Elvis". Focusing on 9 of Elvis' narrative films, Bill Bram takes us behind the scenes in a revealing and insightful account of Elvis and the making of his films. Not only are we treated to first hand accounts by hundreds of Elvis' co-stars and production personnel, but the author has accessed actual archival film material.

Source: EIN, June Visit the "Elvis: Frame By Frame" website.

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The books require serious intellectual rigour as they take one on a stunning journey traversing hidden name messages, the Hebrew language and the Bible. For those willing to approach the controversial issues in The Name Code trilogy with an open mind there is a rich outcome.

EIN recently took a look inside to find out. Source: EIN, May Book Review: "Elvis' Secret Legacy": Elvis' Secret Legacy is a gripping fictional book full of action, adventure, excitement, humour, kidnapping, unseasonable weather effects and the paranormal. Step into a world of meditation, spirit guides, white light and auras Adding to the intrigue around this book is the author's real claim claim to having been Elvis' date at the Humes High Prom in and the book includes a photograph of the pair in support.

But is all as it sems? Read Susan MacDougall's detailed review and make up your own mind.

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Reflecting on Ms Wheeler's book in the context of a similar release by June Juanico, Susan offers insight into Kay's observations on important issues including how Hollywood changed Elvis and Colonel Tom Parker. Susan then gives her appraisal of whether or not Growing Up With the Memphis Flash warrants a place in our Elvis libraries.

Each different perception of Elvis is part of a mammoth jigsaw puzzle. Elvis' intriguing family tree laid bare: Elvis' ancestry is an area rarely covered. Over the years it has assumed fascination for some as different stories have emerged as to the King's historical origins. German ancestry has been widely suggested, and in recent years Scottish ancestry and familial relationships to people as diverse as Oprah Winfrey and US presidents suggested.


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Published after more than 13 years of laborious research many of Ms Bolig's fascinating findings will surprise most fans. That Elvis has direct relationships to royalty Although it covers , the main focus of the book and bonus CD is the evening show at the Inglewood Forum, May 11th The book contains pages with nearly every photo in colour. Supergroup Led Zeppelin were in the audience and Elvis needed to put on a good show - and the book gives fans a chance to relieve the feel of the concert through some excellent images of Elvis in action.

Since it is a much slimmer volume than FTD's 'Rockin' Across Texas' and also containing some audio problems with the soundboard CD, fan reviews have been varied. Click here to read EIN contributor Armond Joseph 's deeper investigation to see whether it is really worth the price. Source: EIN, Jan What Susan found was a well researched and entertaining book:. This is not a book about Elvis as such. Charlie Connelly set out on a physical journey to discover why Elvis remains an iconic figure to so many people of so many different backgrounds and where his spirit might be found. Despite being written in a light-hearted, facetious and entertaining style, In Search of Elvis is well researched.

For each location visited, Connelly provides description, historical context and his own comments.

In fact, if it had an index, this book could almost be used as a guidebook to the various places. The edition of Elvis The Biography combines revised editions of the earlier two volume biography and adds new material advancing the Elvis story to the sale of EPE in to entrepreneur, Robert Sillerman.

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Read EIN's review of arguably the definitive one volume Elvis biography. Hoey deftly weaves among illuminating anecdotes about the industry and at times revealing profiles of some of its biggest stars including Elvis Hoey wrote the screenplay for six of Elvis' films. There are two chapters about Elvis including some great anecdotes and interesting insights! Hoey's prose evokes dazzling images of the dramas, highs and lows, and stars of a magical industry which occupies the minds, bookshelves and DVD collections of most people.

Anchored by great design, interesting text and impressive visuals, what Nigel found will please most fans! MRS release another winner! The album features 11 Master tracks, Elvis interviewed by Don Davis, and 24 intriguing session takes. The music is glorious, at times resonating with the searing power and energy of rock 'n' roll's King and at other times beautifully tender. The DVD-Audio in 5. For those who haven't experienced DVD-Audio this is your opportunity to listen to Elvis as you've never listened to him before!!! The 68 page book features strong design and high quality paper stock.

Tunzi Archives; archival session material; and a blow by blow account of Elvis' recording process in the studio. Source: EIN, 13 Nov And while the master photographer was only with Elvis for a relatively short time, the visuals he captured offer a timeless exposition of the young King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis at his peak. And finally, Wertheimer's magnificent photographs have been released in a way which does them proper justice.

What EIN found was the best photo-journal release of and one of the strongest Elvis book releases in many years! Read our full review.