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No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Their nests are close to bodies of water such as slow-moving rivers and streams, lakes, lagoons, reservoirs, marshes, swamps and coastal lagoons and estuaries.

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They are also known to frequent irrigation tanks in Sri Lanka, hence where their alternate English in Sri Lanka comes from. It is a sedentary bird that can be solitary or occur in pairs. It is non-migratory. Juveniles disperse from the breeding areas, presumably in search of mates or another food source. The grey headed fish eagle spends much of its time perching upright on bare branches over water bodies, occasionally flying down to catch fish. Flight is heavy looking with sharp and full wing-beats on flattish wings.

Spends little time in the air soaring possibly due to habitat it lives in and no other aerial displays have been described. The breeding season of the grey-headed fish eagle usually takes place between November and May across most of its mainland range, but changes from December to March in Sri Lanka, November to January in India. Nests have been found in January—March in Burma, April in Sumatra and August in Borneo, it is unclear whether these nest were old or being used for breeding. The grey-headed fish eagle builds a huge stick nest, up to 1.

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Nest sites were always near or by a water source with the avoidance of human habitations and is consistent with other fish eagles due to ease of access and food abundance. The clutch size can be between 2 to 4 eggs but usually 2 unmarked white eggs are laid per couple. Little is known about the level of parental care employed by the grey headed fish eagle, the evidence points towards monogamy and shared parental care duties. Both incubation, foraging and fledgling feeding are carried out by the male and female, with incubation lasting 45—50 days and the fledgling period 70 days.

As the common name suggests the grey-headed fish eagle is a specialist piscivore, which preys upon live fish and scavenges dead fish and occasionally reptiles and terrestrial birds and small mammals. Tingay et al.

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Whether this is the primary prey item of their diet or a seasonal occurrence in this are remains unclear. The most common method of foraging used is to catch fish from a hunting perch close to a water source with a short flight to snatch prey on the water surface or just below. Also quarters over stretches of river or lakes and fish too heavy to lift may be dragged to bank to devour.

It is also dynamic in prey pursuit and can catch fish in rough water such as rapids. Both species in the genus Ichthyophaga have strongly recurved talons like the osprey Pandionidae a specialisation for catching fish, which is lacking in the genus Haliaeetus sea eagles.

The calls of the grey-headed fish eagle include a gurgling awh-awhr and chee-warr repeated 5—6 times, an owlish ooo-wok, ooo-wok, ooo-wok, a nasally honking uh-wuk and a loud high pitched scream.

These begin as subdued low short notes each succeeding one more strongly upturned and more strident then previous then dying away again and are uttered from a perch or on the wing. Fledglings give a longer nasal uuuw-whaar that starts low and subdued then becomes, louder and higher and strident. During the breeding season becomes quite vocal, with calls being loud and far carrying, often calling also at night.

Although not currently considered to be threatened with extinction, the population of grey-headed fish eagles is declining, the result of numerous and varied threats. The loss of suitable wetland habitat, deforestation, over-fishing, siltation, persecution, human disturbance and pollution resulting in a loss of nesting sites and reduced food supply. The population is estimated to be between 10, —, mature individuals on the basis that it may not exceed a five figure total.

Grey Family Preys

This estimate was completed in with poor data quality, combined with a marked decrease in populations is would be reasonable to assume that the number is closer to 10, and bordering on being classified Vulnerable. The programme provides baseline information on the ecology of the species and the status and distribution of the breeding population. A number of other conservation actions have also been proposed by the IUCN, these include surveys to reveal important areas and regularly monitor at various sites throughout its range, protect forests in areas known to be important to the species and conduct awareness campaigns involving local residents to engender pride in the species and encourage better care of wetland areas.

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Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2. Important note; our range maps are based on limited data we have collected. The data is not necessarily accurate or complete. Special thanks to Ton Smits, Parinya Pawangkhanant, Ian Dugdale and many others for their contribution for range data. Please help us improving our species range maps.