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Frammentazione della Democrazia Cristiana

Antigua has a stable government, friendly people, tropical weather and beaches, as well as amenities, services, banking, shopping and accommodation consistent with the requirements of our demanding residents and visitors. Larger units provide even better economies of scale. There is an excellent selection of villas with private pools and other amenities. Residential tourism began in the eastern parts of Antigua shortly after Word War ll.

The Mill Reef Club was established by a group of wealthy American families on the Atlantic side to take advantage of the everpresent, cooling trade winds.

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In the Jolly Harbour Marina, Golf and Residential Resort opened to complement the Jolly Beach Resort, thus providing a comprehensive package of shopping, banking and services in the area. Sugar Ridge has a boutique hotel, spa, restaurant and shops and offers residential building plots for the development of upmarket homes. These properties enjoy.

The government is committed to improving roads, utilities, internet broadband and other services.

Read e-book La Rosa Bianca: La sfida della responsabilità (Istoria) (Italian Edition)

The country is transitioning to more sustainable energy consistent with concerns over climate change. Our international airport has a solar farm which attests to this progress.

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When driving around the island one can observe the gradual, planned development of property within existing areas as well as new hotel and residential tourism development which provides attractive choices for investment in villas, apartments and serviced building plots.. These may be viewed online through rental service agencies. Kitts and Nevis. Tamarind Hills straddles Darkwood and Ffryes beaches and offers residential properties for sale and rent.

The north is especially popular with permanent residents and returning Antiguans.

There is an excellent selection of bars, restaurants and coffee shops. These plots vary by location, amenities offered, view and ease of building. Si possono visualizzare online, tramite agenzie immobiliari o direttamente sui siti web del proprietario. Il turismo residenziale ha iniziato a svilupparsi nella parte orientale di Antigua con il Mill Reef Club, club esclusivo fondato, dopo la 2 Seconda Guerra Mondiale, da un gruppo di famiglie benestanti americane.

Nelle vicinanze si trova il Sugar Ridge boutique hotel, provvisto di spa, ristorante, negozi e che offre anche lotti per lo sviluppo di case di lusso. Kitts e Nevis. Tamarind Hills invece affaccia sulle spiaggie di Darkwood e Ffryes e offre immobili residenziali in vendita e affitto. Come ottenere la cittadinanza Per ottenerla il programma offre varie opzioni: 1 finanziando il Fondo Nazionale per lo Sviluppo del paese NDF 2 sottoscrivendo investimenti immobiliari o alle imprese.

Per gli investimenti immobiliari, occorre investire un minimo di mila dollari in progetti approvati dal Governo per un periodo di 5 anni. Le spese di registrazione sono di 50 mila dollari per una famiglia fino a 4 persone e ulteriori 15 mila dollari per ogni membro aggiuntivo. Per gli investimenti alle imprese, si parte da 1,5 milioni di dollari per un investimento attuato singolarmente o di 5 milioni di dollari in quote da minimo mila dollari ciascuno per gli investimenti congiunti. Island Living Investment Services Ltd.

Fornisce assistenza in tutti gli aspetti del processo di domanda per la cittadinanza, garantendo un servizio efficiente e personalizzato. Per informazioni: info ilis.

Antigua and Barbuda since introducing its Citizenship by Investment initiative in October , has successfully positioned its programme as one of the leading global investment migration programmes. English is the official language. Dual citizenship is permitted. The passport is valid for five years. The only stipulation is that the new citizen will be required to spend a total of five days in Antigua and Barbuda in the five years following the granting of citizenship.

Individuals who have their permanent residence in the country or who are present for at least days a year will qualify as residents of Antigua and Barbuda. In addition, families including spouse, dependent children under 29 years, parents and grandparents over 58 years can obtain citizenship through one simultaneous application. ILIS is a leading Government authorized Representative and Service Provider, with an extensive business network including Licensed Agents authorized to facilitate and process applications for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. We also provide Real Estate and Investment Facilitation services.

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Gli acquirenti, inoltre, possono richiedere purchase property. This hillside development near Jolly Harbour offers homes of Classic When a Non Citizen purchases vacant land, under Caribbean design, ranging from 1, to 3, square feet, all with the licence, building must be started within 2 years. Investment Programme. There is no title insurance.

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See page for more info. Rental commissions are 8. Insurance coverage is approx. Bank financing is available but interest rates are high by world standards.

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Most houses are serviced by septic tank. Water cisterns are required. Most properties are serviced by government electricity and water, cable TV, telephone and broadband. For property developers, attractive fiscal incentives are available. Majestic Realty rende la compravendita immobiliare un passo facile e sicuro grazie al suo team, consolidato ed esperto, pronto a chiarire ogni dubbio e a fornire ogni informazione. Majestic Realty makes owning a property really easy.

Through unsurpassed customer service and core principles of honesty and integrity they offer residential and commercial real estate sales, land sales, property management and villa rentals. Sea View Heights offre vacanze da sogno in villa privata. Le nostre ville includono personale di servizio,. Based in Antigua, we will be with you every step of your vacation to make it truly memorable and relaxed.

Visitate il nostro sito www. Sea View Heights specialises in holiday villas on the island of Antigua. Our selection of villas for rent is ideal for families, groups of friends or couples who want an exclusive, comfortable and private get-away. All our villas include service personnel, have swimming pools and offer breathtaking views of the sea.

Visit our website www. Paradise Properties is a vibrant, efficient and professional real estate agent.

e-book La Rosa Bianca: La sfida della responsabilità (Istoria) (Italian Edition)

With their competence, multilingual services and office located in English Harbour they have become the leading agency in Antigua. Paradise Properties specialises in beachfront and ocean-view properties for sale and exclusive holiday villa rentals. Antigua is the ideal choice for a relaxing holiday away from the bustle of mass tourism. Experience the unforgettable in one of the many luxurious hotels offering rooms, suites and apartments with locations close to exciting amenities or in more tranquil spots.

Prices are lowest in the summer while high season falls between December and April. We list a selection of hotels covering different needs and budgets, however, for a full list of hotels in Antigua and Barbuda we suggest you contact one of the tourist offices or visit www. Nelle pagine seguenti inseriamo una selezione di alberghi per diversi gusti e budget. La nostra lista, per natura stessa della guida, non consente comunque un elenco completo.