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Panama Papers: Putin associates linked to 'money laundering' BBC News: April 3, A suspected money laundering ring involving close associates of Vladimir Putin has been uncovered in a leak of confidential documents. Charities and terrorism: 'deadly threat' or a distraction from real issues facing sector? Friends of Al-Aqsa first realised that its account with the Co-op Bank was not working when it tried to access services in December. Grenzenloser Schrecken fuer G20 Leaders Agree to More Co-ordinated Counter-terrorism Efforts After Paris Attacks CityAM: November 16, Global leaders will double down on coordinating their counter-terrorism efforts today, calling for enhanced coordination and security measures after simultaneous attacks in Paris killed at least people on Friday.

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Draft statements revealed over the weekend from the G20 leaders meeting in Antalya, Turkey, called for enhanced information exchanges to cut off funding for terrorist activities, as well as stricter border controls and more rigorous aviation security. Isis: Clamp down on wire transfers to disrupt terrorists, says counter terrorism boss International Business Times: June 29, More than half of the people charged last year by the Metropolitan police counter terrorism unit committed a financial crime — many were sending money overseas to help fund terrorist groups such as Isis.

Fair business for Muslims? International banks, under punitive US anti-terrorism laws, are increasingly terrified. And the real losers are Muslims. Der Ex-Investmentbanker forscht zur Terror-Finanzierung. Both countries have received limited outside support, a myopic response from the international community that will surely create more unrest and hardship in the future. Bankers Lose Their Appetite Charity Finance Magazine: October Periodically, banks exercise their right to close accounts with little notice and no explanation.

Tom Keatinge questions why this might be. Insight - Islamic State's financial independence poses quandary for its foes Reuters: September 11, "It's about controlling financial nodes And the more finance you earn, the more you can develop. It first materialized as a number of individual synthesizer studies under the title Damaged Parts.

These studies became the source material for an early version of DPs, taking shape as a commissioned work for the Unsound Festival. For the commission the piece coalesced as a single, through-composed live sound installation that utilized tactile subbass speakers which interfaced directly with the audiences bodies.

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Reducing the Tempo to Zero —??? This excerpt demonstrates a short instrumental passage taken from a work that, in its full duration, clocks in at close to five hours.

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This mutable composition will be reconfigured once again in late , this time scored for choir and electronics, to be staged in Italy and Belgium. In performance, RtTtZ continues his exploration of phonetic based text scores. This method of scoring was used in his project Slipping Control which debuted at Audio Visual Arts Gallery, NYC the vinyl version is available as an LP from Shelter Press , and creates a continuous thread between his work as a composer and his developing career as an artist.

With an interest in printed matter, book design and craftsmanship artist Louis Reith creates drawings, collages, paintings and installations. The found material is always chosen by personal interest into form, theme and balance, which are then translated into new compositions.

These compositions are made intuitively and refined consciously, playing with the illusion of mechanical versus handmade. He exhibits his work through international solo and group exhibitions. Besides his studio practise he also runs a small publishing house called Jordskred and he co-organises the annual Grafixx festival in Antwerp, Belgium. The source material is derived from vintage books, in which not only subject and size play a role, but also the printing technique and colour. These books are stripped from their covers and subject to observant deconstruction. What remains are loose pages and spreads that are processed, with their actual compositions as a coincidental starting point.

The final composition leads to transformed subjects as if it were a fictional archive from the future. With just the abbreviations of the titles as a reference to the used books. In his collages Reith creates serene worlds where abandoned shelters and tranquil sculptures present a modern history, where black and white landscapes are disrupted by bold geometric constructions. He tries to resist technology in favour of physical and craft-based media. Together with Shelter Press, Reith selected 18 collages from different series which were divided onto 24 pages, in which the works were reorganised and emerged as new compositions.

Poly- 2. Escape 6. Acid 7.

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Here he presents Composer. I hope this album encourages people to think for themselves.

I hope you know what I mean. I also hope that, to a small extent, this album can act as a beacon of creativity for future generations, who are currently being completely saturated by marketing content for products and media that will do nothing but confuse and distract them.

The Game A4. The likely focal points of discussion and areas for any change less than full independence include:. All of these issues are sensitive. The challenge will be to maintain productive discussion without bitter division surfacing to obstruct progress or disrupt the peace, especially around provincial and referendum votes. Some close French observers suggest serious discussion will not begin until after a second referendum most likely 4 November With French presidential elections in April , they hope parties might agree not to hold a third referendum, instead negotiating a future statute while the current president is in power.

There has been no questioning of the result from domestic or international sources. As a sovereign resident power, France has a privileged position at regional tables such as Quadrilateral Defence Meetings with the United States, Australia and New Zealand, with the Pacific arguably overtaking the Atlantic in geostrategic importance, and other players seeking to engage in the region.

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It is now the headquarters of its Pacific military and scientific research presence, [68] with reserves of sought-after minerals nickel, chrome, cobalt and prospective hydrocarbon resources off its shores shared with Australia, a strategic ally with whom France has strongly reinforced links. In a clear economic nudge to remain with France, SLN, the oldest and most productive nickel plant employing people and owned by French government-backed Eramet, suggested after the first referendum that it may have to close given cost push factors including the effect of the long blockade at Kouaoua.

France does not want its network of overseas possessions to unravel.

Incroyable un avion traverse l'oeil du cyclone Irma !

France has worked to improve its pariah image of the s in the region, with success. Having suspended nuclear tests and addressed decolonisation concerns in New Caledonia, it has cooperated in the FRANZ France, Australia and New Zealand arrangement to provide emergency assistance, fisheries surveillance, and intelligence to regional countries; participated in defence exercises with Melanesian partners, Australia, and New Zealand; and given modest aid and climate change assistance through regional technical bodies and EU support.

With its strategic declarations and regional efforts, there is more at stake for France in losing New Caledonia, or mishandling this final phase of the peace agreements, than ever before. This is to ignore recent history. Those concerns have not disappeared. It sent ministerial observer missions there in , , and , and a high-level team to observe the November referendum. In , three PIF members achieved the re-inscription of French Polynesia as a non-self-governing territory under UN decolonisation principles.

List of place names of French origin in the United States - Wikipedia

France, taken by surprise, absented itself from the vote and bitterly denounced the move. Strong personal links remain between independence leaders in the French Pacific territories and regional leaders. These islands will be concerned if the divisions, discussions, and campaigning in the next four years generate instability or disrespect for indigenous claims.

Independence leaders will continue to draw on this support, just as France will continue to strengthen its own links and interests bilaterally, as well as in the Secretariat for the Pacific Community and the Pacific Islands Forum. This final historic step in New Caledonia is taking place at a sensitive time for its Melanesian neighbourhood, where it has for the past 30 years been an example of stability.

Any return to instability or unrest will add to existing fragilities there. This Agreement was modelled on the Noumea Accord, ending secessionist disruption on Bougainville with a similar agreement to set aside an independence vote for a specified period. The Bougainville vote must be held by and is scheduled to take place in October Separatist supporters in West Papua are also closely watching. Solomon Islands is also at a delicate phase, adjusting to the withdrawal in of the Australia-led RAMSI mission with the risk of ethnic tensions re-emerging.

Redefining governance in New Caledonia, and thereby the sovereign basis for the ongoing engagement of France, now a useful regional partner for Australia, coincides with strategic evolutions in the wider Pacific region. The presence of the new power has led to swift readjustment by traditional players. Japan became more attentive, increasing its aid and regional engagement with the United States.

French Antisemitic Comedian Dieudonné Hijacks 'Yellow Vests' Protests To Promote His Views

Taiwan upped its aid and regular consultation mechanisms. The Pacific Island states are dealing with the consequences of this change. Their small bureaucracies are under pressure from the practical demands. This is partly because the more significant newer players including the European Union led by France and China prefer bilateral rather than regional partnerships. Moreover, tensions arise for the Pacific Islands Forum from their decision to accept New Caledonia and French Polynesia as full members, since, as French territories, they represent two French voices in the Forum sanctum.

Uncertainty in New Caledonia will not help France to solidify regional support for the strategic place it wants in the Pacific. France must continue to ensure that the complex and difficult final stage of the Noumea Accord process plays out in a peaceful way respectful of all, but particularly of the indigenous Kanaks. Whatever the pressures from its loyalist constituency, France must retain its relatively neutral stance in organising the final stage consistently over the next four years.

It should increase its aid to the region, and encourage genuine engagement by its territories in regional trade arrangements, to bolster regional understanding should things take a downward turn in New Caledonia. Australia will respect whatever choice New Caledonian voters make. It is a well-resourced ally that in recent years has shown itself willing and able to share the strategic burden of promoting Western interests, as China and others become increasingly involved in the Pacific. Australia and France have strengthened their strategic partnership, with defence cooperation in the Pacific as the keystone, [95] including military exercises, cooperation in disaster response, a status of forces agreement, and a Mutual Logistical Support Agreement yet to be finalised, with Australian access to French bases in New Caledonia at its core.

It includes opening an Australian diplomatic mission in French Polynesia. France ultimately wants to retain New Caledonia for its strategic value and as an asset in its global leadership aspirations. While Australia remains alert to aggressive exertions of power regionally or inappropriate interference in its internal affairs, it acknowledges a key place for China in the region.

Still, when he presented his policy, Prime Minister Scott Morrison mentioned China only once, and then as a partner. In contrast, France projects a balancing role for itself in the Pacific against the rise of China. Australia needs to be alert to these underlying motivations, and distinguish its China policy from the rhetoric of France. Within New Caledonia, Australia should encourage France to maintain an impartial stance throughout the next steps in the self-determination phase, including the local elections, the two possible further referendums, and critical discussion about future governance, so that the outcomes are seen as legitimate in the region and beyond.

Disruption in New Caledonia may contaminate neighbourhood countries, including most notably in Papua New Guinea, given the Bougainville challenge, where Australia has recently strengthened its military foothold at Lombrum.