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24 Funny Comics Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

Point is, the Paddington series is hilarious. As important, these films are good-natured, and feature important lessons about kindness and friendship.

Rated PG. Little, yellow and essentially useless, can they carry an entire film? The answer is yes. The Minions indulge their weirdest, most randomly hilarious instincts. Set in the summer of , the film follows three Minions as they search for a new evil master to serve. They fix upon supervillain Scarlett Overkill Sandra Bullock —the action sequences are wild, the jokes dumb-but-smart, and the sense of anything-goes is glorious.

This is a film that's snarky, and funny, and deeply silly.

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Max is thrown for a loop when his owner brings home another pup, Duke. The two end up on the streets of NYC—will they make it home? Our advice? Stick with the original—the sequel doesn't quite measure up. When a haunting fail brings a small child into their world, they must work together to make things hilariously right. Rated G. But the real stars are, of course, the Muppets themselves.

Interview with Larry Gonick, author of The Cartoon History of the Modern World, Volume II

Prepare yourself for subversive asides, terrible puns and some of the most ludicrous, maniacal musical numbers ever committed to film. Mischief is synonymous with Peter Rabbit. Beatrix Potter's well-known trouble maker received the live-action treatment in and was voiced by funnyman James Corden.

Peter and his crew love taking bites out of Mr. McGregor's garden. The battle between man and rabbit continues after the old man's passing, as his young nephew is left to care for the estate. It's game on for Peter and the new McGregor—especially since he's taken a liking to the bunnies' neighbor, Bea.

Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now (Updated June )

Although a famed tale, this rendition is best for the older rabbits in your clan. Protective parents will totally relate to clownfish Marlin, a relatively new dad who just wants his only surviving child to be safe. When he ultimately goes missing, Marlin heads out on an epic journey across the ocean, meeting Dory a forgetful Regal Blue Tang , uber-chill sea turtles and other interesting creatures along the way.

PSA: Listen to your parents, kids!

There's an arcade game character, Ralph, who's grown tired of his bad-guy persona. Time will correct that. Be on the right side of history now. See why with the original. Rushmore of TV Comedy, it would have to include Bob Newhart, a man whose dry sense of humor redefined the form over three separate shows in three separate decades. That title belongs to this gem, a family comedy in cartoon form that works for mostly all ages. This is also one of the few shows on this list for which new episodes will be there the next day.

Based on their real friendship and struggles in New York City, Broad City is an honest, daring piece of TV comedy that feels like something people will find on services like Hulu. This is another comedy that started off on shaky ground but became one of the best ensemble comedies after about a year or two. Prediction: You know how everyone watches The Office over and over again on Netflix? This show will be like that in about a decade. Buffy helped redefine audience expectations, proving that deep, progressive social commentary could be embedded in a show about monsters, and that people of all ages could get it.

There is so many genre programs nowadays — from Stranger Things to Westworld — that owe a debt to this show. Casual One of the first Hulu Original Series to get any sort of attention, the Jason Reitman-directed pilot of Casual premiered on the service in , leading to a four-season run for the now-concluded dramady. The former SNL star does the best work of her career on this show. Catch The limited series format has become one of the most creatively vital mediums of the modern era in any form.

Take this ambitious adaptation of the beloved novel. Much smarter than critics ever gave it credit for being, this was a show that matched NBC darlings like 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation at its creative peak. Quirky and strange, Dead Like Me never quite took off enough to warrant even a third season, but the cult following around it continues to grow for a reason. Consider this a history lesson in the form of a television comedy.

Comedians get drunk and try to recount important chapters from history, which are then re-enacted with famous celebrities in guest roles every week. You thought history class was boring? Try watching it this way. Family Guy More of an industry than just a show, Family Guy has joined the rarefied air of the most influential animated shows for adults like The Simpsons and South Park. Year three may not live up to the first two but remains must-see TV.


Just trust us on this one. Watch them all. Would we still be talking about it so much if it had been on for years?

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See for yourself how big a mistake they made. She plays Gwen Verdon, collaborator and partner to the notoriously difficulty Bob Fosse, played unforgettably by Sam Rockwell. This is brilliant, dense television, one of the best limited series of not just but the entire decade. And is this the best spinoff ever? In all seriousness, the saga of Frasier Crane and his put-upon brother Niles has held up marvelously.

Futurama Fry, Bender, and Co. Future Man Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg produce this Hulu Original, a raunchy and crazy sci-fi comedy that stars Josh Hutcherson as an average schlub who ends up being the savior of the human race when he masters a video game designed to find such a hero echoes of The Last Starfighter almost certainly intentional.


A third and final season should air next year. Golden Girls Thank you for being a frieennnnd. The Good Place The best comedy currently on network TV is this existential laugher about a woman who dies and goes to the titular location, but not everything is exactly as it seems. Just trust us. The Good Wife This CBS drama never got strong ratings but brought a sheen of esteem and awards to the network that they probably wish they still had today.

It might even be better. Gravity Falls Most animated programming aimed at kids goes on for years and years. It feels like there has to be at least 4, episodes of Spongebob Squarepants by now. But this Disney hit is a rare exception, running for only two phenomenal seasons, and leaving viewers wanting more. The story of two kids whose uncle runs one of those tourist-trap mystery shops — only this one contains some actual mysteries — works for all ages. Why do people still hope for a reboot?

Because Happy Endings was the rare smart relationship comedy on network TV, one that treated its characters seriously while also being charmingly goofy. It also had a perfect ensemble. All of you people who watch Friends repeats till you know them by heart? Try this one out. Only the first five seasons of the show are now available on Hulu as of this writing — two more have aired on the cable network — and that run of the series features incredible highs and incredible lows. It feels like something similar could happen to How I Met Your Mother , a CBS hit that went through a roller coaster in terms of quality over its plus episodes and ended horribly but contains plenty of highlights and episodes people will want to watch again and again.

The dark comedy about a bunch of misanthropic lunatics in a Philadelphia bar has been surprisingly consistent over its remarkable run — season 14 starts this September! If you like shows about selfish people behaving very badly, take a look at this, and marvel at how often this program has pushed the envelope in terms of taste and somehow survived changes in TV comedy to remain as popular as ever.

Then watch them again.

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Fans were furious, and the outrage likely inspired the limited series approach we now see way more often. With guest appearances by actual NFL players and increasingly ludicrous plot lines — some of them very adult — this was a great showcase for incredibly talented comedians, including Mark Duplass, Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, Katie Aselton, and the always-amazing Jason Mantzoukas as Rafi, perhaps the dirtiest comedy supporting character of the last decade.

Check it out and try and explain it all to us. Letterkenny Who wants a little Canadian humor?