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The Nero disease hit and made everyone biters, flesh eaters, and Wisteria is just a teenage girl trying to live a semi-normal life. One day she is attacked by too many biters while out of the compound, and she awakens in a strange home with very beautiful teenage boys taking care of her. These are a strange group and she only wants to get home, but Background: Wisteria is living on a island with her mom, brother, and a community of scientists and soldiers, attempting to survive the Nero disease.

These are a strange group and she only wants to get home, but there is something about these different people that intrigues her. Review: I have been on a zombie book kick apparently Wisteria was a great read, it had some of the things that I love about zombie books and movies, but also had some good twists. So my likes-- Wisteria is a strong female who can use a weapon and hold her own, but she is also the outcast and she is bullied non-stop throughout the book, and I think that made me relate to her more than just having a strong girl lead.

The Nero premise was very cool and creepy, the community if afraid of being attacked and torn apart by flesh eaters, but it also had a very Resident Evil feel, always someone fighting their way through. There were some wonderfully written creepy survivor parts. Then there was the main story- line of Wisteria and Bach one of the strange boys , this was by far the most interesting part, Bach and his companions are nor from Terra Earth they are just here to watch it die, and Wisteria and he have met before but neither of them can figure out when or where.

This is what kept me reading,I needed to find out. Some dislikes- very typical zombie, dystopia-- ahh there are zombies, we have to survive! I get it, there are flesh eaters and you are striving to live So if it had not been for the weird alien boys I would not have read to the end. So if you have a thing for zombie books, you should obviously go get this one same if you like green-eyed boys that aren't from Earth. Jan 16, Stephanie Ward rated it really liked it Shelves: blog-tour , ebook , for-review. It follows the main character, Wisteria Kuti as she struggles to adjust to her new life after Nero disease changed the world as she new it.

Wisteria must either fight the ones infected around the safe haven of the Isle of Smythe or risk her life by going outside it's borders and into a land full of flesh eating biters. Enter Bach, a mysterious stranger from a race known as The Family - one of the few who can 4.

Enter Bach, a mysterious stranger from a race known as The Family - one of the few who can live among the infected without contracting the disease. Normally Bach wouldn't think twice about a human girl, but something about Wisteria has him intrigued. Now they both must fight their way back to the safety of the Isle of Smythe - all while fighting the flesh eaters, cannibals, and a dangerous and mysterious group known as Red Pheonix. This novel was an action packed thrill ride with tons of suspense and romance along with lots of twists and turns.

It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat and eagerly turning the pages. The writing is very well done and the story flows naturally and at a really great pace.

The main character, Wisteria, is realistic and easy to like. I found myself identifying with her right from the beginning and rooting for her throughout the book. There's a definite mix of genres in the book - horror, action, mystery, adventure, thriller, romance - it definitely shouldn't just be limited to being labelled as horror. The descriptions and details of the setting, plot, characters, history, and happenings in the book are incredibly well done - which I think adds a new layer of depth to the novel that the typical novel doesn't usually have.

This is definitely something fresh and exciting for fans of multiple genres - I highly recommend it to readers who want to try something unique and different from most books out there right now. Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Sep 06, Naomi rated it really liked it. What a great start to the Wisteria series!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book!!

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Bisi Leyton has written a fabulous novel, showing us what life would be like if a plague hit the earth and if you were bitten you turned into a flesh eating biter. There are Supernatural people who can cross into our world and the disease has no effect on them. Wisteria is a 16 year old girl who lives in one of the colonies and works as a tracker. Two of the unaffected girls go missing when she is out patrolling with her Mother and Andrew. They locate the two girls and Wisteria goes in to get them alone.

Soon they are surrounded by the biters and are on the run. In swoops Bach to save Wisteria, but instead of just returning her to the colony, he takes her back to his home. Bach is a self-assured person. But for some reason he rescues Wisteria. There is something about her that he is drawn to and it is confusing for him. He wants to keep her close until he finds out more about her. I love the buildup of this story, getting to know the characters and watching their connection grow.

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I had no idea which way the story was headed and I was kept in suspense right up to the very end! Dec 24, Maghon Thomas rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewauthor , fantasy , horror. I love this book. Wisteria is a girl who lives on an island that is trying to survive from a zombie out break. Except things go a little amiss when she gets separated and almost killed by zombies. I like her. She seems so real because she worries just like normal people do. I really like. So when he saves Wisteria, even he is flustered as to why he did that. Lol and when he promises to bring Wisteria home, he keeps his promise but with a few secrets.

There are some extremely interesting side characters. And the writing is excellent. LOL I really love this book and I do so look forward to more like this!!

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Oct 21, Kristy Centeno rated it really liked it. The opening scene, which happens to be the prologue, caught my attention right away. From then I just had to find out who Wisteria was and what her purpose entailed. One of the things I loved the most about the story was the fact that Wisteria is a strong female character that can hold her own and kick some serious zombie butt. So meeting someone as mysterious as Bach is something new and maybe even a little exciting for her.

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Another great addition to this plot is of course, the strange relationship between Back and Wisteria, which only adds to the story and makes it twice as interesting. Sep 03, Monique Morgan rated it it was amazing. The first thing that struck me as I read this book was that the main character was unlike the majority of female characters, she was not the prettiest, the skinniest, the deadliest, etc.

She is what I would like to call an average, all around girl. This was refreshing to read about a character like this. I enjoyed the dystopian setting of the book, as well as the communities that Wisteria comes in contact with along the way. I wont go into too much details, as I hate spoilers, but the The first thing that struck me as I read this book was that the main character was unlike the majority of female characters, she was not the prettiest, the skinniest, the deadliest, etc.

I wont go into too much details, as I hate spoilers, but the synopsis will give you somewhat of an idea of this. There was a twist to the normal zombie story, in that the love interest is not Terran I mean human: This was a nice sci-fi element to the story that I enjoyed. The book was full of nonstop action from the beginning until the end, and I did not put it down until I had finished it. I loved the book and I love the cover! Dec 19, Angel rated it did not like it.

The zombie apocalypse was good and the aliens were okay. But the racism, bullying, and sexism were over the top and seemed gratuitous in this already packed book. But instead it all got heaped onto this book, particularly this one poor girl. Even the aliens found the MC an "ug The zombie apocalypse was good and the aliens were okay. Even the aliens found the MC an "ugly human", geesh. Well I guess they needn't worry anyway since there were literally 0 repercussions for their grotesque treatment of the MC.

Also the MC never defended herself, and I kept waiting for her to beat some ass or at least hoped the love interest would save her or an adult would step in but none of that ever happened. All of this just seemed really unlikely and far-fetched.

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Black Girl was, as a black woman, very off-putting. If I wanted to see that, I could just go outside. Also also, the cover was offensively misleading. One star, and maybe I'll hate read the rest. Feb 07, Alicia Batista Addicted Readers rated it it was amazing Shelves: adventure , infected , post-apocalypse , virus , a-must-read , amazing , romance , strong-female , you-ll-be-sorry-if-you-miss-this-bo , young-adult. I haven't found too many books that made me feel like Wisteria made me feel!

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I kept replaying everything over and over, and I wanted to get up at 2am and start reading the second book! When I first read the description I thought it sounded good, but like every other Zombie Apocalypse book. Bisi Leyton the author of this book has brought something new and original the the Zombie Apocalypse books, that will have readers craving more! With only small numbers of uninfected humans left, SOME humans have bound together to create settlements that are semi safe for humans to live without the infected trying tear them apart every chance they get!

With pretty much nothing left and very limited food source, some humans have gone crazy and turned into cannibals that will befriend you, only to eat you when you least suspect it! But not ALL humans, and human settlements are like that. On the Isle of Smythe survivors come together to create a walled safe haven for the uninfected.