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One Man Dog – Rolling Stone

Genevieve Rodriguez and Dan Paglia began arguing, each eventually lightly pushing the other. He claimed to have gay family members. For Rodriguez, a queer Latina who said she had experienced anti-gay slurs and confrontations in the heavily white neighborhood of West Roxbury, the confrontation did not scare her.

Instead it provided a release.

Surrey man suspected of hate crime after 'pressure cooker' post about Vaisakhi parade

Thirty-six people were arrested, most counter-protesters. There were four injured officers, police said. A spokesman declined to provide a number of officers providing security. Eye witnesses said at one stage between 30 or 40 people were involved in the incident which happened on High Street at around 5. It's thought a member of the public approached the parade before attempting to grab a flag or banner as it made its way down the street.

Missing lyrics by James Taylor?

At one point - in video footage shot by an eye witness - one man can be seen hitting another resulting in a loud crack being heard before he walks away. The injured man can be seen holding his head before dropping to the ground as police approach. The parade was stopped for around 10 minutes as bandsmen, members of the Royal Black Institution and police worked to calm tensions.

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Man up and take the skooshing. Casey Morgan commented: "Disrupting a special day for kids because he got a little wet, grow up man! In front of all those wonderful and resilient children and their families.

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Samantha Hamilton said: "What an absolute joke! Alex Nicol added: "Couple years back I worked in a fast fit garage, we done a lot of the taxis. We were asked to soak the kids back and have fun with them as were directly on the route.

Get over yourself.. Glad the police dealt with him. It's a bit of water goodness sake, get a grip man, seriously don't understand people who are far too serious all the time, need to be able to laugh to enjoy life.

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Liz Allen said: "A little bit of water lol. Hes gonna struggle next few days with the rain then.