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Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Ryan Key. Violin, Backing Vocals Sean Mackin.

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Lead guitar Benjamin Eric Harper. Mastering Engineer Ted Jensen. Release Date July 22, Ocean Avenue Yellowcard.

Way Away. Ocean Avenue.

Yellowcard - One Year Six Months Songtext

So many nights, legs tangled tight Wrap me up in a dream with you Close up these eyes, try not to cry All that I've got to pull me through is memories of you Memories of you Memories of you Memories of you. I'm falling into memories of you and things we used to do Follow me there A beautiful somewhere A place that we can share Falling into memories of you and things we used to do.

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Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Both convicted men covered their faces in shame as the police escorted them out of the courtroom. News Menu Home M.

Ryan Key, One Year, Six Months

Home M. Near Tragedy in the City Just over one month after Chinese Nationals Demonstrate Two Chinese nationals on The prosecutor told the court he had had a knife in his possession, which he quickly denied.