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It, too, is a cycle with a sonata structure, but scored for different forces: piano accompanied by violin and cello. This is a design of a dramatic character. Such a character is imparted to this work by its principal key: G minor, the same key that impressed its melancholy sound on one of the famous last three symphonies of Mozart. For Chopin, the Trio in G minor turned into a task, a challenge and an adventure all in one. During his studies with Elsner , he must have had some contact with chamber music.

Circumstances of a private nature induced him to compose a Polonaise in which the piano struck up a dialogue with a cello. In his late years, Chopin would take up an equally weighty task in this kind of music. The result would be a masterwork: the Sonata in G minor for piano and cello, and one may see the G minor Trio as presaging that late fulfilment.

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Chopin composed the Trio on and off, and with some difficulty. He began writing it in Only after completing the Rondo , and so in the spring of , did he return to the score of the Trio. To a significant extent, the Trio brings an encounter with echoes of music previously heard. The first movement, Allegro con fuoco, is dominated primarily by the spirit of Beethoven.

This is palpable from the very first bars, which present the opening theme. A Schubertian aura is evoked by the music of the bars which — with the singing of the violin and cello — complement that initial theme and develop it. As the exposition of the sonata allegro unfolds, a group of three themes appears, yet it would be difficult to assign to any one of them the function of a second theme.

The first theme of this group is distinguished more by liveliness than by lyricism.

Piano Trio in G major

Your email address will not be published. Your email:. Skip to content. And since when? Posted on November 12, by Wolf-Dieter Seiffert. That is, the way these pioneers of one of the most important of modern music genres organized the instruments made it possible to directly comprehend their compositions and the sound of them: HAYDN, founder of the genre, in his early and middle compositional period notated the piano grand stave on top, violin below and then cello: Haydn, Piano Trio in G Major, Hob. XV:5 , start of the finale.

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Bookmark the permalink. Search Search for:. Henle Publishers 27 genesis 10 harmonics 2 Instrumentation 1 measure numbering 2 new source 5 notation 27 ornamentation 3 pitch range 2 revision 8 rhythm 1 tempo 1 transcription 6 Urtext 46 variant reading 28 versions Violin Concerto in a minor op. Mozart 1 Fantasy op. Bach 1 Flute Sonata Wq C. M84 H4 Mozart and F. M69 R6. Ornstein, M. Broyles, et al.

Claude Debussy - Piano Trio in G Major

Quintette for piano and strings, op. Paine and J. P57 Q8. Rabl, J.

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