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Common Mistakes

In addition, this is the current state of my thinking, which as ever is open to be stand corrected. You need to have a thick skin and understand raising money is a game to be played to the rules of those who are setting them, and knowledge is power.

First Thoughts

It prevents system error and people changing your slides etc. It is absolutely imperative to understand that there are different types of pitch decks for different situations and to answer different questions. There are more bad pitch decks than not.

See a Problem?

For the purpose of this discussion, I will talk specifically about the one I would like to receive before having a meeting in the fundraising process. This is high level. Also, if you are reaching out to an investor you should already be willing to trust them, otherwise stop spamming. Whether we are likely to invest. Simply put, decks go into two buckets which have binary outcomes:. Now we discussed decks, there are two main reasons why I want them before a meeting in a fundraising process and they all come down to working smart, not hard:.

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I get a lot of decks and never have the time to read all the ones which are inbounded I mainly reach out to companies actively. Understand this simple truth, and follow up a lot. It is worth noting that for my fundraising process, I personally prefer to have a call before a meeting.

How (Not) to Pitch - The Atlantic

I have a predilection to be amicable with people, so by having a call to review an opportunity purely on data and the founders intellectual ability to respond in active dialogue, without the opportunity for creating interpersonal bias, I believe is has the weighted advantage.

Now let me be clear about what I do not do with decks. Other commentators mention experiences of founders having emotional responses to the treatment of decks, I will get frank on those. Therefore a yes or no when you email me a deck is based on a number of factors such as:. Personally, I prefer a standardized process where all potential investments are addressed in a fair and consistent manner. There is a lot of art to investing, so where I can apply even a weak-form science, I think it is advantageous.

Book Review: Pitch Like a Girl

Whether I get a cold call, referral, met someone at an event or even it is a friend looking for funding, I treat everyone the same. Yes, if friends reach out formally for investment rather than to meet up for advice, I insist on treating them the same way.

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Yes, I would like a summary of the opportunity, in bullet-points, but I want the deck to be in that email. To understand why I have formed my view Other than time allocation , it is critical to understand how I think and what I am trying to achieve in a dynamic interaction. There are four points here:. As such, we feel it is our responsibility to prepare you as much as we can.

Our April program featured presentations designed to help writers prepare for the upcoming WMA. If you were unable to attend, you should check out the latest issue of League Lines which circulated as a PDF a couple of weeks ago or has been recently mailed to your house to see the highlights from those presentations. A pitch is vocal, short, and encompasses what your book is about in a sentence or two. Maybe even as few as 25 words. A proposal is a full-length document outlining the project. And even if they like your pitch, they may not want the paper. Your pitch should be something short and catchy, a sentence or two that says what your book is about. It should take you no longer then the length of time to get from one floor to another on an elevator hence its name. A lot of agents like the pitches or loglines, for another name used that make a connection between two well-known books because it helps them know how to sell it to editors.

Record yourself giving your pitch.

Listen critically, change it accordingly, record it again. Once nailed, practice practice practice. A great place to practice is in the car!

1. Make the host feel special

Have a list of comp titles i. Agents want something that has already proven to sell. Consider your pitch like a job interview. You have fifteen minutes with an agent. This is nearly three times maybe more what other conferences provide for time between a writer and an agent in these pitch-style formats. Despite this, we have seen writers deliver their pitch, shake hands and leave with still time left on the clock.

If they are done asking you questions, ask them some.

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  7. 1. Be fully aware of whom you are pitching.?
  8. See the tip above. Jump into your elevator pitch. So start there. A person who has an incredible story to tell. Your business card should have your contact info, website url, and social media details. And building your network increases your opportunities for visibility and your chances at getting noticed. Regardless, this is a business-interaction which requires professionalism. Be respectful of their decision. Be gracious and thank them for their time. And after you leave, think about how your dialogue with them can result in making your project better or your development as a writer improve.

    No time with an agent is wasted and the experience is valuable regardless if it lands you their card.