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If you like Murals, you may also like:. Woodsman by Woodsman. Homogeneity tests were made to data to ensure consistency in the information. The results show changes in rainfall, dominated by the increasing trends for almost all indices; however most of the trends chicas en richmond british columbia zip code not show high statistical significance.

Also, a significant increase in the average annual total rainfall of Moreover, in the stations located at higher elevations, decreases were observed. There is a homogeneous spatial distribution for the most of the indices and similar patterns were found located in defined areas of the study zone, which may affect the runoff production in watersheds in the coming years. The different activities in the small farms are organized according to sex and age, circumscribing a segment of the labor market in which different members of the family are involved.

As I will demonstrate, to be a Chilean worker in the fruit growing region of the Alto Valle is to reproduce an ethnic and national identity through work routines mediated by family relations. Industrial residues continuing being and economic problem so companies have to assume high costs to manage them. Subsequently a physical-chemistry characterization of the most representative residues with the purpose to propose different alternative uses. The main residues of the interviewed companies come from orange, guava, guanabana and mango.

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The main valorization processes include compost, worms culture and obtaining chemical. The statistical analysis consisted of a Complete Randomized Block Design under a split plot arrangement with three treatments and three replications. The results showed that contents of the organic fraction of available P and the moderately available P showed significant differences among the systems in which organic chicas en richmond british columbia zip code conventional management was included, the conventional system had the lowest values.

The organic-mineral system showed the highest contents of organic and inorganic chicas en richmond british columbia zip code and the conventional system showed the lowest for these fractions of P.


For the non available P fraction, it was found that organic systems had higher P content than the conventional system and, the organic-mineral system showed significant differences with respect to the rest. The total P showed a similar pattern to the fractions described. The low content in the conventional system can be explained by specific aspects of.

This research paper analyzes how Rolando Hinojosa, a Chicano writer, explores the socioeconomic transformation in the textual and extra-textual space on the Mexico-USA border, specifically, the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. It is studied how the autor utilizes the literary conventions of the policial novel for his historiographic purposes, when he explores in Partners in Crime and Ask a Policeman the transition from a local to a globally controlled economy based on narcotraffic and its social implications in a place ancestrally signed by violence.

Ha sido ponente en congresos nacionales relacionados con biodiversidad y el ordenamiento del territorio. Alamedas de Timiza I. Las instituciones de salud que ofrecen transporte neonatal deben garantizar que todos los neonatos que requieran el servicio lo obtengan en condiciones de calidad y equidad, que minimicen los factores de riesgo y posibiliten la supervivencia en las instituciones receptoras. Full Text Available From the viewpoint of imaginary-social meanings, this article analyzes the Yaqui War and the role played by this group in the building and consolidation of their nation-state as an expression of the Yaqui being.

This work suggests that war is not only a means of territorial defense and a product of leader's manipulation, but also an institutionalized articulating element among the Yaqui ; thus, the authors examine the institutions participating in this movement within a wide and historicalperpective, drawing on the views construed by historiography, official reports and accounts, speeches by Yaqui chicas en richmond british columbia zip code, conflicts inside the group, assaults to travelers, farms, and haciendas in the state of Sonora, and negotiations with government officials.

Writing on the Edge: Impressions of a U. This dissertation engages in a critical reading of Rolando Hinojosa's early fiction in Estampas del Valle as an example of a unique border literature that highlights the multiplicity of elements that exist along the Rio Grande. By using the work of an author that has direct experience with life along the U.

Full Text Available Twenty-three species of the genus Eleutherodactylus are reported fram 24 localities in the western lowlands of Valle del Cauca, Colombia, with notes on their identificacion and distributions. Up to 16 species have been taken from a single site. Hasta 16 especies fueron registradas del mismo sitio.

The effect of environmental factors of the Valle del Cesar and the agronomic management of Guinea grass Panicum maximum Jacq. The results did not reveal significant statistical. A general sequence from top to base is described as follows: There are two kinds of aquifers; free, related to sands and gravels from alluvial fans and terraces resistivity values between 70 and Ohrn-m and thickness between 25 and 75, semi-confined related to tertiary sandstones resistivities values between 20 and 30 Ohm-m, thickness between 35 and m.

The water quality of the upper aquifers is good enough with small amounts of salt content. Saline water is found at the lower aquifer. The resistivity method was useful to locate geological discontinuities; some of them found with surface expression associated with lineaments and faults. Some of these geological features have been mapped in previous geological works on the area.

In general the interpretation based on the resistivity results shows a block tectonics environment affecting cretaceous and tertiary rocks and probably the quaternary deposit. Full Text Available Cratylia argentea cv. Full Text Available The "Luz del Valle " Savings and Credit Cooperative is a financial institution with five thousand microentrepreneurial partners who have business units. These business units, generally informal, do not have a defined organizational structure or chicas en richmond british columbia zip code management tools, which influences in the presence of economic problems such as arrears and non-payment of contracted obligations, mainly as a result of a low level of sales.

Due to this situation, it is important for cooperatives to support their partners in finding solutions. This is part of the cooperative principles and values of mutual aid, social responsibility and education, training and information for its members, team leaders, managers and employees; these universal principles established by the International Cooperative Alliance ICA are considered by the savings and credit cooperative "Luz del Valle " as strategies to accompany its partners in the development and growth of their business units.


The cooperative organizes a Christmas Fair annually, where 60 microentrepreneurs participate. This event was the opportunity to develop, together with the Metropolitan University of Ecuador, a project that, in its first phase, trained in the formulation of strategies based on the application of the Business Model Canvas; the teaching of this tool, which allows creating, capturing and providing value for clients, was supported by the university community and the program of linkage with society that develops the aforementioned institution; the evaluation of the impact and the economic results are contemplated in a second phase.

La valle del Nilo: Un giallo ambientato a bordo dello Steam Ship Sudan, un battello fluviale che ancora oggi costituisce un must per tutti i chicas en richmond british columbia zip code che prenotano una crociera sul Nilo. The Nile valley, with its plurality of its cultural and historical events and reputation worldwide, has become over the course of time an important attraction for film performances, offering spectacular scenarios, both from a natural and anthropic environment point of view.

This Big River, named by ancient Egyptians, has provided the set for many films including Death on the Nile, based on the Agatha Christie mystery novel of the same name. It is a crime fiction that takes place aboard the Steam Ship Sudan, a fluvial steamship which is still a must for all the tourists who want to cruise the Nile. As a part of a project that intends to promote the movie-tourism, I believe it is appropriate to propose the institution and the activation of a Cine-Literary Park dedicated to the novel-film of the famous British writer.

Sin embargo, y a pesar de que el Prof.

El campus, la ciudad y la naturaleza: Full Text Available This article exposes the reflections which gave shape to the winning entry in an architecture competition held in to build the Faculty of Integrated Arts of the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia.

It emphasizes on considerations aimed to improve an originally suburban campus without differentiated open areas, based on planning principles commonly accepted in the middle of the 20th century. An attempt to gather, compare and discuss archaeological information on the coast and valleys of the peruvian chicas en richmond british columbia zip code north is going to be made through the following pages, in order to trace the displacements of borders among the north and central highland 'cultural areas'. This frontier constitutes a septentrional limit for the 'andean organization' and the 'andean order' of the production which allows to ensure social reproduction.

It will also be included in the annual analysis. State policies and management in Tucuman and Tafi del Valle. AbstractThe Tucuman region, located in the heart of Northwestern Argentina, is an area known for its wealth of cultural materials. From the earliest days of the nation, Tucuman has been a place where a wide range of policies and proposals have been advanced in relation to how these materials should be managed. It is therefore possible to review the concrete developments that have taken place along these lines, as well as the specifics of other projects that have been proposed.

Here we undertake an initial analysis of how the State has engaged in the planning, definition. Interactions between frugivorous bats Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae and Piper tuberculatum Piperaceae in a tropical dry forest in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. In any ecosystem, fruits are resources that vary in time and space as well as in nutritional content. Coexistence of species from a trophic guild depends on the division and use of resources. Therefore, the organisms that depend on them as a food source, tend to show a certain degree of specialization.

This way, understanding the factors that influence the dynamics of seed dispersal is important for the regeneration and conservation of tropical ecosystems. Bats were captured in mist nets between June and Novembertheir feces were collected, and the length of the forearm, wing area, leg length and mass were recorded. At the Universidad del Valle seed laboratory, fecal samples were washed, and their content determined.

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Of the 14 species captured, Sturnira lilium, Carollia brevicauda, Carollia perspicillata and Artibeus lituratus showed signs of having consumed P. Sturnira lilium was the main consumer of P. The greatest niche overlap was recorded between C. In conclusion, Sturnira lilium showed an interaction Sturnira-Piper, which is the result of low Solanum availability, and this bat species was the largest consumer of P. One investigated regarding the answer efficiency in the emergency and survival of Cratylia in two contrasting soils.

Quilichao Cauca with acids soils, and Palmira Valle with conventional agricultural soils.