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Time Enough at Last.

Everything Hurtz. Just Waiting.

Married, 2 Kids. Crew Filth.

Would Jamie Dornan Return For 'The Fall' Season 4? The Series' Future Is Unclear

Those moments were few and far between, though. He's still working his way back from the ACL tear that sidelined him for 20 months.

Angels Fall First

He played arguably one of his best games of the season against the Knicks in Dallas last Friday. Even though the Mavericks lost , it was a confidence booster for Porzingis.

Dallas sees Porzingis as a cornerstone for the franchise alongside rising star Luka Doncic. Porzingis is playing OK, but not great. He will likely settle into his role—and more importantly, his body—as more time passes and he becomes better acquainted with his teammates.

The Lion's Tale

The loss to the Knicks at the Garden will sting for a bit, but neither he nor the Mavs can dwell on it for long. The last thing the Mavericks and Porzingis need is for the boo birds to follow them home to Dallas.

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Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Could it be that this is a similar scenario, one in which Annalise or someone else might envision her death came in a way and at a time that meant Wes lived?

Barrett Foa's Break From NCIS: LA Made Him Love Eric Beale Even More

There could be something poetic about father and son being part of both. We did just see Annalise start over as "Justine. Could his death have been faked the same way that Annalise is about to start over?