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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 28, Emma rated it did not like it Shelves: boring-and-pointless , most-boring-couple , unconvincing-romance , why-did-i-ever-bother. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. Be warned, this book is neither a romance nor a romance-suspense, despite its being marketed as such and the author's specialisation in the genre. It all reads like a very boring report on some vaguely delineated dysfunctional family and ends with a hastily tied pink ribbon around it without ever addressing the million gaping plot holes crying to be addressed.

It is, in short, a tepid mess of a book that should have never been published, at least in its present form. For the life of me, I could Be warned, this book is neither a romance nor a romance-suspense, despite its being marketed as such and the author's specialisation in the genre.

For the life of me, I could not find any reason why the main couple is together, could not find any reason what these two were doing being the main characters in a romance. I could not even believe that these could ever find each other remotely interesting. At best, they could be a one night stand that ended the morning after without the exchange of phone numbers. As it is neither the writer nor the reader knows what to do with these two. Sensing that they had zero chemistry, attraction or basic curiosity about each other, Brenda Novak found it impossible to build a love story around them, let alone a passionate one, and ended up writing a bewilderingly uninteresting, unatractive in terms of the rapport between them couple who no one in their right mind could ever find believable.

As if that was not enough, there's also a lamentable and asinine attempt at a triangle with the heroine's ex-husband, who comes in and goes straight out of the plot without any purpose other than exposing the heroine as the titanic fool she is. Neither entrance nor exit of her ex made any sense and the whole thing is not only an exercise in aimless, meandering storyline but also an insult to common sense.

For, other than wasting a couple of chapters, what is the point in allowing a man who did not support you in your most soul-destroying grief, who left you for another woman and took you to the cleaners in the divorce settlement back into your life? This sorry excuse of a man and the worst betrayal was not the other woman but the emotional abandonment at the worst possible time for the heroine is portrayed as enjoying the heroine's trust!

She confides in and confesses everything to him, while she refuses to share anything with the saintly hero. Not only does she not share anything with the latter but she also constantly doubts him, lies to him and misleads him. At every effing opportunity. So even if you survive the aimless plot, the nonsensical heroine most definitely will finish you off. I've come to loathe the kind of writing that uses difficult circumstances as a way to excuse its own inability to write an interesting character, and this book is a prime example of this.

Everything and the kitchen sink is thrown into the plot, a disabled child, a deceased child, a traumatic past, a traumatic present, etc.. Everything is treated as just an item on a list, a list put together in the most formulaic manner without generating anything remotely poignant or moving. The hero, Rafe, never escapes the excess sugar with which his writer coats him, rendering him completely unconvincing and although I'm certain quite a few romance readers don't mind unconvincing, yours truly needs a convincing hero in order to believe he is some 'dream man'.

This abstraction with muscle and a penis won't do. Nothing about him spells 'character', let alone one that we would be interested reading about. He, supposedly, is a single dad of a special needs daughter, but you never see or sense any of the everyday life difficulties this entails.

He, supposedly, is a builder with a small business that is struggling to get off the ground, but nothing about him says ' working class' writers in this genre write about working class people as if the latter lead comfortable lives; their only difference from the standard -and loathsome to me- romance billionaire is the absence of references to private jets and penthouses. Do us all a favour, romance writers, and look around you to see how a real life Rafe would have coped without state support, and if you cannot do that then leave the whole theme alone and go write yet another one of those awful, dull, bondage loving billionaires you so like to write about.

As for the child in this story is, as you'd expect, your super formulaic cutie who takes immediately to the heroine and wants her to be her mummy and desires nothing more than see her move in with her dad, immediately, right now! In this book everything must be buried under mountains of super-affirmative crap. As for the ending, which is one of the most ridiculous endings I've ever read regarding the sister of the title , I challenge you to try and read through it without pulling your hair out and not lament the money you wasted on it And as if the whole sister palaver did not prove to be one big crappy ploy to infuse this poor excuse of a book with supposed 'suspense', the writer goes on and bombards you with the most hastily concocted and unbelievable HEA that you are ever likely to come across.

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After completely neglecting to develop the romance side for the entirety of the book, and with only 7 pages to go, that dodo of a heroine still thinks, for the hundredth time, of leaving the hero!!! And then 6 pages from the end, she joins the hero in planning their wedding, the wedding of the century!

The Secret Sisters - "The Damage" [Audio Only]

Yes, one moment she is not sure whether she wants to be in the same State as the hero and the next she is transformed into one of the good wives of Weinsberg, with whom the hero comes to form the most lovey-dovey couple ever to walk this effing earth. A piece of advice, be smarter than me and give this a wide, a very wide berth.

Quick summary Maisey Lazarow returns home to Fairham Island following her failed marriage, writer's block and need to reconnect with her troubled brother, Keith. She wasn't prepared to be reunited with her high school fling, Rafe Romero who's a very different man from his teenage persona. What worked The story was interesting as Maisey's story unfolded slowly, filling in the blanks as she first seemed elusive.

She was frustrating at times as she appeared to lack conviction, especially when confronting he Quick summary Maisey Lazarow returns home to Fairham Island following her failed marriage, writer's block and need to reconnect with her troubled brother, Keith. She was frustrating at times as she appeared to lack conviction, especially when confronting her cold, controlling mother and her screwed up brother.

Maisey's developing romance with Rafe was also confusing as she often ran hot and cold without warning. I really liked him as he was honest and the most transformed from being a difficult teen. I loved his daughter, especially that she was drawn with special needs. It added a level of realism that distinguished the story from others featuring children. The most interesting aspect of the story was the mystery surrounding the secret sister, including whether or not she even existed. Unraveling the clues and pursuing the leads kept me in the story. The resolution was powerful with a twist that ends up creating a more intriguing foundation for the series.

The narration I really liked the narrator's performance! Carly Robins livened up the story when there were lulls and her pacing was perfect.

Book Discussion - Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz — St. Charles District Library

This is my first experience with her work and hope she continues the series. The bottom line It's a solid start to a new series with an interesting mystery, even if it lacked tension and scary suspense. While Maisey was often a challenge, Rafe and his daughter more than over compensated. I'm looking forward to the next book.

Joint Review – Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz

I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Jul 29, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-shelf , harlequin-mira , contemporary-romance , e-book , romantic-suspense , suspense. I found this story to be very fascinating, with Gothic undertones, which is right up my alley. But, Maisey refuses to stay at the sprawling manor she grew up in, due to the torn relationship with her overbearing and control The Secret Sister by Brenda Novak is a MIRA publication. But, Maisey refuses to stay at the sprawling manor she grew up in, due to the torn relationship with her overbearing and controlling mother.

So, instead she moves into a bungalow, which happens to be right next door to Rafe Romero, the guy she had an awkward sexual encounter with, in her teens. Determined to make it up to Maisey, Rafe tries to be very neighborly, but Maisey is determined to avoid him, knowing her life is too unstable to even think about getting involved with him. However, the discovery of a box of old photographs dislodges buried memories of a little girl she believes could be her sister. But, how could this be?

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Determined to get to the bottom of things, Maisey will have to confront her mother and risk unearthing a very dark family secret… Although it takes a little time for all the pieces to start clicking into place, once the mystery begins to unfold, the story takes on a different tone, which reminded me of a good old fashioned Gothic tale. I loved all the sinister undertones that made the story so atmospheric.

So, it was no wonder her children were intimidated by her, or that they are underdeveloped emotionally. But, it was wonderful watching her slowly learn to let go of her fears, to give love a second chance, and to finally grow a backbone and take charge. Rafe is my kind of guy- patient, sensitive, and rock solid. He is also the father of an adorable special needs child, who all but stole the show. While I enjoyed seeing the romance develop between Rafe and Maisey, it was the mystery that took center stage. This story is riveting, shocking, and could spark a little debate in regards to the moral dilemma of the situation presented. Being raised in such an environment would certainly have a profound effect on the children. So, there is an interesting character study at play here as well. Jul 20, Paula M.