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Use contrasting yarns for the best effect. Designed by Amy Gunderson for Universal Yarns. Easy scarf that consists of an 8 row repeat 7 of garter stitch and one of the lace. You do the 8 row increase repeat until the scarf is as half the length you want and then do the 8 row repeat decrease.

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Great for showcasing variegated, gradient, or cake yarn. Designed by Sue Flanders. Pictured projects by cbass who used a gradient yarn and slwalsh. Designed by Cheri Borden. Pictured project by beaukat. This easy lace scarf is knit with a 12 row repeat, but the wrong side rows are all purled and some of the right side rows are all knit. Fingering weight yarn on larger needles for lacier look. Designed by Christiane Stemberg. Available in English and German. Warning: this is a yarn eater because you use twice as many stitches for the gathered sections. Pictured project by elsteffo.

Optional crochet edging. Use any weight of yarn. Designed by Denise Twum of Niseyknits.

450-600 yards: 1224 Free Patterns

Bias stripe scarf knit with alternating stripes of 2 row eyelet lace and garter stitch. Designed by Emily Bolduan. Pictured projects by the designer, llomakermaker , and jfsincali. This easy lace scarf is knit with a 4 row repeat presented in written instructions and chart.

18 Lace Knitting Patterns for Scarves

Designed by Rox Reverendo for Manos del Uruguay. This versatile lace scarf is perfect for warmer weather if knit in cotton or silk, or knit it in cozier yarns for cold weather. The bottom lace pattern is a 16 row repeat with all even rows purled, and then the rest of the scarf is a 2 row repeat. Charted and does require grafting. Designed by Asami Kawa.

Most Ravelrers rated it very easy or easy and said the stitch pattern was easy to memorize but it might be challenging for beginners. Pictured project by saphirsteph who added 2 repetitions of the leaf lace. This easy lace scarf features a 14 row stitch pattern but the wrong side rows are all the same. Written instructions and chart. Knit in 2 pieces and grafted. Use a fingering weight for spring and summer scarf or a heavier weight for cold weather. Pictured project by BonnieRuth. Turvid designed this super simple scarf pattern.


Cast on 24 sts or any number of stiches dividable with 4. Knit 2 rows. Repeat the pattern row until your scarf is at desired length. Knit 1 row and cast off. The pictured project by jondrejka used a sport weight mohair yarn with size 9 needles, though the pattern recommends fingering weight on size 10 needles. A simple but elegant lace scarf worked on the bias in a 2 row repeat. Designed by Galt House of Yarn. The lace in this scarf is a 4 row repeat trimmed with edges of 2 row repeat twisted rib.

Designed by the Universal Design Team. Easy lace scarf with a one row repeat. Designed by Angela Juergens who says you can get a nice sized scarf with one skein of yarn. Pictured project by devonnejoy. Relatively simple crescent shaped scarf knit with an eyelet rib placed against a reverse stockinette stitch background. Designed by Katherine Vaughan. Lightweight stockinette scarf with wavy lace at ends. Rated easy by designer. Designed by Brianna K. Lightweight lace scarf with eyelet mesh lace and zigzag edge. Designed by Lavender Hill Knits. Garter stitch scarf with three-dimensional folds inspired by the ocean tide.

Personalize with beads, charms, feathers, shells, tassels, or other fun stuff. Easy to customize for different weights and sizes. Designer says this is suitable for an advanced beginner knitter. Designed by Knitwise Design. Lightweight cotton scarf. Designed as a teaching pattern to help knitters grow in their skills and knowledge and includes tutorials.

Designed by Knitting Guru. Great lightweight scarf for spring and summer,.

Accent scarf with zigzag lace and drop stitch openwork. Designed by Anne Hanson of Knitspot. Pictured project by fisherwomanknits. Rated easy by Ravelrers and the designer. Easy neckerchief openwork scarf can be also be worn as a cowl or shawlette. Designed by Christine Marie Chen. Sport weight yarn. Designed by DawnBroccoDesigns. Ribbed and textured scarf knit on the bias, but without the felting associated with shibori. Designed by Laura Irwin. Many of you loved the original scrap happy scarf - except for the minor detail of it involving crochet!

Well, this is my knitted version. But I think I managed it with this scarf. It took me a while to see that 2,4,6 and 8 were identical except for the first and last stitches same with 1,3,5,7. Happy Christmas!

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Well, this is what I finally got to say to my husband when I finished this scarf for him! Autumn Amore Cowl. Tak tipu, I was very happy on that day. February 16, Each of these blue-ground panels is bordered with a golden yellow rope pattern. Another vision of winter: this 90x90 scarf by Antoine Tzapoff is a tribute to the accessories worn by the Inuits to protect themselves from the light in the Far North.

The finished scarf will measure approximately 28" by 8" when folded.