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“It Won’t Be Long, Now”

I've heard them use terms like 'amazing' and 'remarkable' to describe me so far -- not bad for someone under 1 pound, huh? All rights reserved. Play Courtesy Ellonn Smartt. Courtesy Ellonn Smartt. MORE: 'Miracle' baby born after mom had her fallopian tubes removed.

Mom gives birth to 'remarkable' ounce baby.

The Remarkable Strength Within Every Mother to Overcome

Police body camera captures heart-stopping moment officers find kidnapped 8-year-old. Chief justice orders delay in House fight for Trump records.

Hong Kong university becomes center of tense standoff between police, protesters. US grants another extension for businesses relying on Huawei.

The Story Hall

FBI arrests central Indiana mayor amid city investigation. Mom whose son died three hours after birth donates milk she pumped in his honor.

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China lashes out at NY Times report on Xinjiang documents. Iran gas price protests quickly turn violent. The Note: Center grows crowded amid Buttigieg's rise. WH official concerned by 'unusual' reference in Trump's call to Ukraine's president. Trump issues pardons for 3 service members accused of war crimes.

AG Barr assails Trump 'Resistance' in fiery speech to conservative lawyers. Democrats accuse Trump of witness intimidation for trashing former amb. Marie Yovanovitch.

Do you want me to leave them with you, and you can give them to her when she wakes up? I was just so relieved she was still alive.

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The Most Remarkable Mom

I really wanted to be there with her. She was already well on her way to somewhere else. She could no longer talk. She was trying to say something to me, repeatedly putting her fingers to her lips. I was struggling to understand, then I remembered — when Dad was dying, he liked to eat ice chips.

How I Was Blessed to Have the Most Amazing Mom

I asked the nurse for some ice chips, and Mom and I communicated for the next couple of hours over ice chips. Still not quite sure if she knew it was me, I just talked to her as if she did.

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  7. You do realize I am dying, here, right? She kept doing something with her hands, putting them together, looking at me than looking at them, and in a minute I figured out what I thought she was trying to say. I put my hands together and said the prayer of St. Frances — always one of her, and of my, favorites.

    After that, she closed her eyes and went back to sleep. The nurse suggested I could stay the night with her, as the chair in the corner opened out to be kind of a bed. In the morning of the 4th, I awoke, and she was still snoring away, sounding much more labored with each breath. Then, after one breath, the next one never followed.

    And I got to be here with her. I spent the next 10 minutes alone with Mom, though I knew she was no longer there.

    Seven Years Ago Tonight, We Got the Call

    I was really just trying to pull myself together for the calls. I had six siblings to call, who were literally all over the world, and then arrangements to begin making. Those 10 minutes alone with Mom, in that room dedicated to Hamilton Peace, gave me the peace I needed to make those calls. After all the calls, I spent that day with my sister-in-law, Dorothy, making the arrangements and doing what needed to be done while my brothers Chris and Jim, and wife and son made their ways down to South Carolina.

    The Remarkable Strength Within Every Mother to Overcome - Motherly

    Sign in. Get started. Last Day of a Remarkable Life. Hawkeye Pete Egan B. I Held Her Hands In the morning of the 4th, I awoke, and she was still snoring away, sounding much more labored with each breath. The Story Hall A gathering place for stories to be told, read and appreciated.