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This is the heart of the story - our reasons make no sense. The drama revolves around a lump of rock. That any other lump could replace it at any time and no-one would notice is openly stated in the dialogue. It's the stark question woven through the plot - is faith taken on faith alone really worth fighting for?

It's a tense film, beautifully written and exquisitely acted. Each viewer decides what the film's about - it doesn't explain itself, it falls silent. Everyone will see something different. Some might conclude we're all compelled towards war whether we like it or not. Some might decide we're all in league with the Devil whether we know it or not. Some might believe we're all still lost in the creeping faerie mist clutching for something to save us.

Some reviewers didn't rate it highly as an action thriller but it's not a superficial movie and maybe doesn't fit into that genre. There's far more being shown in the subtext and the themes than being told in the action. As for the excessive violence, I felt it merely conveyed the grim reality of melee combat. After all, hidden in the word 'Pilgrimage' is the word 'grim'. It's a mark of a brilliant film when after seeing it once you must see it again. On the second viewing, it bit me deeper on the neck and made me more its thrall. For me, the main highlight was Jon Bernthal's acting.

It was haunting. He played a voiceless man who served the monks as the lowliest of their group and I fell in love with his tragic integrity. He reminded me of another tormented anti-hero of contemporary myth - Angel from 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer': the vampire cursed with a soul, plagued by a weight of remorse for a hellish past. Both crave absolution and will do anything to receive it. I loved 'Pilgrimage'. It was a strangely beguiling hybrid of superstitious medievalism clashing with an ancient landscape alive with pre-existing belief.

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User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. In 13th century Ireland, a group of monks must escort a sacred relic across an Irish landscape fraught with peril. Director: Brendan Muldowney.

Writer: Jamie Hannigan. From metacritic. Is there a poor man among you, one of your brothers? The human person, in fact, appears in his secular history as homo viator , a traveler thirsty for new horizons, hungry for justice and peace, searching for truth, longing for love, open to the absolute and the infinite. It does not seem strange that in the whirlpool of this constant change, humankind also experiences fatigue and wishes for a place, which may be a shrine, where he could rest, a space of freedom that makes dialogue possible - with himself, with others and with God.

We are thinking, first of all, of the vast movement of groups, of masses , at times of whole peoples , who face enormous sacrifices and risks to flee from hunger, wars, environmental catastrophe, and to look for security and well-being for themselves and for their loved ones. No one should remain an inactive spectator before these immense flows that pervade humankind, almost like currents that expand on the face of the earth.

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No one should feel foreign to the injustice that is often at its roots, to the personal and collective drama, but also to the hopes that bloom for a different future and a prospect of dialogue and a peaceful multiracial coexistence. The Christian, in particular, must become the good Samaritan on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho, ready to help and accompany his brother to an inn of fraternal charity and a life together in solidarity.

These are complex phenomena which are often sources of harmful consequences because of their enormous dimensions. No one can ignore the fact that they are often a cause of injustice, of the exploitation of persons, of the erosion of cultures or of the devastation of nature.

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In spite of this, by their nature, they preserve the values of research, progress and the promotion of mutual understanding among peoples, which deserve to be promoted. It is indispensable to make it possible for those who are part of these sectors to preserve their own spirituality and interior exigencies. It is also necessary for tourism and commercial agents not to be dominated only by economic interests but also to be aware of their human and social functions.

These routes, with all the risks, deformations and deviations that they involve, can be a means of proclaiming faith and love, positive messages, fruitful and efficacious contacts. Great artistic demonstrations, especially musical ones, that witness the gathering of the youth particularly, the flow of visitors in museums that are often transformed into oasis of contemplation, Olympics and other forms of sports assembly are phenomena that cannot be ignored, also because they include spiritual values that must be protected beyond the extrinsic tension, leveling and conditioning of a commercial nature.

Not only priests, but also whole families and many young people travel or accept to be sent to lands far from their own to collaborate with missionaries , both through their professional work, through witness and through the explicit proclamation of the Gospel. It is a form of being pilgrims that is continually increasing, as a gift of the Spirit. They use their vacation or holidays; or spend entire years of their life. Equally important are the inter-religious meetings that witness the roving assembly of men and women of all faiths towards a common goal of hope and of love, as what happened in the world prayer of the religions for peace, convoked in Assisi in Some are religious in the most direct sense of the term.

Their goals are cities and shrines, monasteries and historical centers. In other cases, the search for spiritual values is manifested in going towards natural sites of rare beauty, islands or deserts, summits or depths of marine abysses. This complex geography of the movement of humankind contains in itself the germ of a radical desire for a transcendent horizon of truth, justice and peace; it gives witness to a restlessness which has for its port the infinity of God, where people may refresh themselves from their anguish [].

The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho

The march of humankind, therefore, notwithstanding its tensions and contradictions, participates in the inevitable pilgrimage towards the Kingdom of God, which the Church is committed to announce and fulfill with courage, loyalty and perseverance, being called by his Lord to be salt, leaven, lamp and city on the mountaintop.

But, as previously stated, two cities acquire the value of a sign, not only for Christians but for everyone: Rome, symbol of the universal mission of the Church; and Jerusalem, holy place and venerated by all those who follow the way of the Abrahamic religions, the city from which the Law and the oracle of Yahweh will go out []. This is the meaning of the Jubilee of mercy that appears at the horizon of the third millennium, point of arrival for the creation of a human society that is more just, in which the public debts of developing nations will be condoned and a more equitable distribution of land will be accomplished, in the spirit of the biblical prescription [].

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There, in fact, a fundamental meeting takes place, one that reveals various dimensions and is presented under numerous appearances. It is in this series of aspects that we can delineate a pastoral care of pilgrimages. The very dynamics of pilgrimages clearly reveals some steps that pilgrims take. They become a paradigm of the whole life of faith; departure reveals the decision of pilgrims to go forward up to the destination and achieve the spiritual objectives of their baptismal vocation; walking leads them to solidarity with their brothers and sisters and to the necessary preparation for the meeting with the Lord; the visit to the Shrine invites them to listen to the Word of God and to sacramental celebration; the return, in the end, reminds them of their mission in the world, as witnesses of salvation and builders of peace.

It is important that these steps in a pilgrimage, lived in groups or individually, are marked by acts of worship, which would reveal their authentic dimension, with the use of the texts recommended in liturgical books for this purpose. The aspects that each pilgrimage must necessarily include are to be harmoniously designed with just respect for the traditions of each people and adequately harmonized with the conditions of the pilgrims.

It is the duty of the Episcopal Conference of every country to lay out the pastoral directives that are most appropriate to the various situations and institute the pastoral structures necessary to realize them. In the diocesan pastoral care of pilgrimages, a distinct role of Shrines is recognized. Yet, parishes and other ecclesial groups must also be represented in these pastoral structures since they are directly involved and are points of departure of the largest number of pilgrimages.

Pastoral activity must make it such that through the peculiar characteristics of each pilgrimage, the believer would essentially accomplish a journey of faith []. Through an appropriate catechesis and an attentive accompaniment on the part of the pastoral agents, the presentation of the fundamental aspects of Christian pilgrimages opens new perspectives for its practice in the life of the Church. It is necessary to direct pastoral commitment so that such a fundamental truth of the Christian faith [] may not be darkened by traditional customs or cultures, nor by new spiritual movements and ways.

Pastoral action, however, will also aim at a constant inculturation of the evangelical message in every culture, of every people. Thus, the primary commitment of the holy journey is that of evangelization which is often ingrained in the holy places themselves. Because of the circumstances that they inspire, the goals to which they are directed, their nearness to daily joys and necessities, the moments of a pilgrimage are a field that is already favorable to the reception of the Word of God in the hearts [] ; thus the Word becomes the strength of the faith, the food of the soul, pure and perennial source of spiritual life [].

The whole pastoral activity at the service of pilgrimages must concentrate its efforts in bringing pilgrims close to the Word of God. The experience of life in common with the pilgrim brothers and sisters also becomes the occasion to rediscover the people of God walking towards the Jerusalem of peace, in praise and in song, in one faith and in the unity of the love of only one Body, that of Christ.