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  • - When Winter Come: The Ascension of York (Kentucky Voices) by Frank X Walker.
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Notify me of new comments via email. Here the speaker offers at least part of the explanation. Walker: It would not be a stretch to say something similar happened in each case. Part of my interest in all of them is admittedly what I perceive as erasure. In Murphy's case, the degree to which African Americans participated and in many cases dominated thoroughbred racing is so invisible that it rarely comes up, though it wasn't my motivation for pursuing his story.

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And Medgar Evers' invisibility in a larger discussion of the Civil Rights that is often condensed to something as simple as 'MLK had a dream and Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat' is equally unfortunate. Could you talk more about this? By the time I was ready to write the sequel I had traveled more extensively throughout the Northwest reading from the first York book and had enjoyed significant exchanges with Native American scholars and members of the Nez Perce tribe which gave me a chance to hear another side of the story. I believed the sequel could get closer to the truth and be more authentic if other missing voices had a chance to contribute.

I also believed that adding female voices would humanize the narrative even more. Those new voices were the emotional undercurrent I was referring to. I have seven sisters and was raised by women so I know from experience that women see the world differently than men. I wanted to add their acute, honest, insightful perspectives to what had always been offered as a counterweight to an overtly patriarchal and predominantly white superman mythos.

What were you able to borrow from your devotion to your own family in order to create voices so real? Walker : I feel confident in how I perceive human interaction especially between women and men. I'm old enough to have loved and lost enough times to have become wiser for it. When I craft collections of persona poems, I'm building from source material gathered from memory, research and imagination.

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I'm fortunate to have survived enough personal experiences to create the authenticity that I want my readers to experience. Walker : My approach to building a narrative driven by persona poems or what I now refer to as Historical Poetry, has definitely evolved over the four collections. I think I can say with confidence that multiple voices, especially those voices in opposition, lend more authenticity to the narrative and create a greater sense of truth for the reader.

I've learned that much of what we accept as history is often simply the point of view of the one individual who wrote it down.

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  6. I've learned that there are great rewards in spending the time, money, and effort in the research. I'm a better human being having encountered these men, their families and their stories.

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    LoVerde-Dropp : What do you feel are the most important lost details about the life of Medgar Evers that Turn Me Loose has restored to public consciousness? I think more people know about the details of the tragedy of Emmett Till than know about Medgar's assassination and even fewer know how responsible Medgar was in bringing the Till case to trial.

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    I hope the book corrects some of those injustices. Each tercet is like a note higher than the last as the poem, which withholds its only period until the very last line, thus resisting both closure and complicity. Nick Garrett 2 min read October 15, Frank X Walker Without a doubt, this semester is already a winner for lovers of literature.

    And no two talents could be more different or intriguing. Antonya Nelson A creative writing professor at the University of Houston, Nelson is the award-winning author of three novels and four short story collections. Written by.

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